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Application is solely for business registration at the United Kingdom Africa Trade Expo (UKATE) taking place on the 27th of October 2023, which is part of the Africa Fashion Week London 2023.

For enquiries, or more information on any of the sponsorship options, please call:
The UKATE Team on:
Tel: (+44) 020 8144 8466
Mob: (+44) 07500 119 666

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Disclaimer: By agreeing to take part in any UK Africa Trade Expo and/or Africa Fashion Week London organised event, you agree that any official photo and videography can be used for marketing purposes within context by the organisers, media and sponsoring partners. Your company likeness will not be used by any third party without your express permission. You will have access to all official imagery for your own use.

Official photo and videography means imagery created specifically for and/or by UK Africa Trade Expo and/or Africa Fashion Week London.

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