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New Designers & Exhibitors sign up for AFWL 2022

After 2 years of Covid lockdowns, Africa Fashion Week London is delighted to welcome our national and overseas designers back to London.
Featuring new practices, recycling, and sustainability ethics, and a return to heritage fabrics and textiles, AFWL 2022 is shaping up to be a historic outing with some outstanding designers.
A large many of them are using their platforms as social conscious enterprises.

As usual, we have some beloved creatives returning to our catwalks and exhibition halls, like Mary Martin London and Soboye.

get to know our designers and exhibitors




Hertunba is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand delivering classy, ready-to-wear clothes for ambitious women.
Understanding that every woman's body is different, they also produce custom and regular sizes to ensure that every piece fits its owner perfectly.
Every year, 13 million tons of textiles go to waste. 95% of these textiles can be reused or recycled. Hertunba reduces landfill waste by up-cycling waste generated during production, 90% of our excesses become either a form of wearable art or hand-crafted interior decor art pieces such as rugs and throw pillows.
Also, 10% of all their net profit goes to a project that provides adult education for less privileged Nigerian women. They believe that to protect the girl child, her mother must be empowered with education.
A beautiful ethic to live by - protect the earth and support women.

Toomey & Koko

Toomey & Koko is a London-based brand that embraces difference. Their distinctive prints are bold, colourful and full of life – and they're committed to impactful easy-to-wear outfits.

Their designs are brought to life in vivid Adire fabrics, which use a resist-dyeing technique involving indigo and other natural dyes to create bold, eye-catching patterns.

They carefully sourced Adire textiles and are passionate about incorporating traditional techniques into truly modern designs.

Ade Bakare

One of Nigeria's most celebrated designers, Ade Bakare is showcasing his latest collection at AFWL2022. The "Ayinla" collection has been inspired by Adire cloth and the film Ayinla.
Adire originated in Abeokuta in the southwestern part of Nigeria and is unique for its water which has a high alkaline content and is ideal for adire production.
Adire means tie-and-dye in the Yoruba dialect and has been produced there for decades. Historically, people came from different parts of Africa to buy this beautiful cloth which uses indigo dye to give it its rich navy blue patina to trade in rich fabrics but gradually due to colonialism and borders that sprang up dividing these regions the trade declined. However, it was still being used and gradually became a staple textile used - especially for funerals.
Ade Bakare Couture started using adire in 2006, after being captivated by the cloth and started experimenting with the process on silks to give it a richer feel and look. it is now a mainstay of annual collections.
With more research on the different patterns, Ade Bakare Couture started to introduce some old patterns which were popular in the 1940s and 1950s such as the 'ilari' (comb), 'ila' (lines), 'ododo' (flowers) and a modern 'cocoa' featured in the image above.


An advocate in the 3 "Rs" - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle - this independent
self-confessed knitting addict and brand creates limited run, unique and genderless pieces using natural and recycled fibres.
After being taught by her grandmother and dabbling with knitting throughout childhood, Kireen fell in love with the amazing art and knits pretty much everywhere she goes - on the street, in parks, on doorsteps! We call it guerilla knitting!
She is an advocate of the slow fashion movement with an aim to create affordable handmade fashion accessories, using natural sustainable materials from suppliers that align with the fairer treatment of workers who are integral to its production.
It’s time to modernise your wardrobe with ethical and sustainable slow fashion. Each piece is a unique hand-knitted item crafted using her own patterns and made using the finest quality natural fibres, like merino and alpaca wool as well as cotton, hemp and bamboo.

Aquarius B

Aquarius B is a fashion brand inspired by vibrant African textile patterns and prints.

They offer high-quality, exclusive products that are ethically sourced and produced in Ghana & London. All products are 100% handcrafted with pride by individual Artisans.

As part of their effort to give back, they currently use a portion of our sales in sponsoring one child in Ghana and aim to sponsor more as the brand grows.
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New Designers & Exhibitors sign up for AFWL 2022

Part 2 of our Designer and Exhibitor spotlight sees more sustainable practices and heritage textile use from our African designers.

We are seeing more innovative ways of manipulating fabrics, modern sillouttes, and, of course, superior African styling!


Mumini Fashion

Since 1961, Mumini Fashion has been a household name in Sierra Leone.
The brand collects Sierra Leonean heritage textiles like Gara, Ronko, laypee and Country Cloth to pay homage and to give a facelift to the fashion industry in Africa.
Their mission is to elevate textile artisans in economically marginalised communities to world-renowned status. The brand is known for it's favorite traditional Agbada and Danshiki, which are sewn with “Aku Lappa and Ronko “. These textiles are centuries-old and are traditionally are woven on a drop spindle, using locally sourced raw cotton and ink from tree bark. These outfits were the traditional garb of paramount chiefs and were worn by mainly the Aku, Limba and Creoles of Sierra Leone and the Yoruba of Nigeria
Many of the brand's designs are influenced by the geometrical thinking and creations of the Aku, Madingo and Fullah weavers and the aim is to elevate the craft to a place where innovation and skill are perfected to the finest level.
Mumini also explores new forms of craftsmanship to make couture a source of innovation. They go back to forgotten craftsmanship and the love for handwork, and at the same time embed new technologies and seek out collaborations with artists, and architects. They intentionally stretch the edges of the medium; some partnerships are like extensions of their atelier, taking them out of their realms of knowledge and experience and creating collective intelligence and innovation.

Sole Inspiration

Gill Quarcoopome established Sole Inspiration Ltd in 1999 in Accra to continue her work with leather that had begun in UK many years before.

Sole Inspiration produces a distinctive, fashionable yet timeless range of accessories including bags, belts neckpieces and jewellery as well as interior design pieces.

They use high-quality vegetable-tanned cowhide combined with colourful softer skins and tie-dyed leathers from Burkina Faso. For decoration and fastenings, the brand selects from the vibrant choice of recycled Ghanaian glass, brass and cow horn beads, intricate rings and fittings.

They also like to experiment with the best skins and discarded offcuts. The traditional leatherworking skills of hand cutting, stitching, dyeing and finishing are still used in creating the signature, custom-made pieces seen in their collection


Rufina Designs is an African-inspired fashion and accessories and home decor brand that produces a range of statement-making & eco-friendly products. The brand aims to bring a piece of creativity & sustainability from Africa to every home.

Their online store offers a range of clothing, shoes and accessories inspired by traditional African styles fused with contemporary western trends. Print dresses, maxi skirts, shoes and accessories all feature with this multi-dimensional designer.


Confirmed Exhibitor, Sanyan is a UK-based fashion brand that believes luxury doesn't have to cost a fortune. The brand creates high-quality clothing for women and men who know who they are and what they love to wear.

For Sanyan, African print fabric is a piece of art - simple and stylish designs create a frame to showcase the beautiful prints curated to be part of their collection. Their designs are made from 100% cotton sourced from West Africa.

"I loved what I saw online but I loved it even more when I saw it in person and even more when I wore it".

Afro Couture London

Afro Couture London are an Afro-Eurocentric design house that works to infuse African concepts into European silhouettes.
Their aim is to take their client's confidence to up a notch with their excellent use of style and fabrics.
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New Designers & Exhibitors sign up for AFWL 2022

Part 3 of our Designer and Exhibitor spotlight focuses on GLAMOUR, BABY!

We’re looking at African haute couture. Volume, superior tailoring, and drama. We will see it all on the AFWL 2022 catwalks!


PiiLLz N PoiZn

The Ppoizn atelier specialises in the idea of creating a luxury fashion brand that manages to at once, co-exist with current trends and venture into the fantastical. Their clientele's self-expression is meticulously respected.
Ppoizn Atelier has emerged as a top choice for the modern Lagosian who commands a certain expectation of their daily and special occasion attire.
The brand always ensures the preservation of Nigerian roots and identity, cultivating an in-store experience where fashion art and culture go hand in hand. This demands more than just accuracy – attention to detail, analysis, instinct, insight and simple human empathy. They sense changing trends with aplomb and their collections have extraordinary flair and ingenuity.

Mary Martin London

Mary Martin London first graced our catwalks in 2015 and has neer looked back since! Her designs are converted by celebrity red carpets and museums alike.
Mary is always inspired by current events and royalty.
We've had the Hidden Queens collection in 2018, and last year was definitely a return to royalty. This year, we have a feeling that the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth could have another effect on her design processes. We could not be more proud of her.


AFWL Head Stylist, Samson Soboye, always delights the Africa Fashion Week London catwalks with his men's and womenswear collections, superior layering of prints and patterns with the shine and glamour of silks, satins and sequins.

Expect more of the same on the AFWL catwalk as he extends his 'Lagos 54' collection, evoking the style of 70s disco fever and mixing it up with amapiano!


During a search for her own dream wedding dress, Nigerian designer Miracle Folaranmi, was inspired to start her own bridal couture brand, TruFlair, in Lagos in 2017. She spent time honing her craft and by 2018 she was ready to launch her first collection - the Beyond Beautiful Bridal Collection
As the creative director of TruFlair, Folaranmi has held the reins of the luxury house through various extravagant, innovative and exceptional bridal collections over the years like Obsession in 2019, Romance and Grandeur Collection in 2020, Eternal Collection in 2021 and others.
In order to take TruFlair globally, Miracle pursued an MBA in International Fashion Management in 2022 from the University of Coventry, London UK. Today, Miracle draws inspiration from the world around her and combines vintage, African, Egyptian, and European styles, as well as elements she sees in the art for her designs.
She works with all the most luxurious fabrics and combines them with lace, heavy beading, embroidery, and crystals to construct imaginative appliques on sleeves, bodices and necklines.

Kaffy Kreate

Abuja-based, women’s wear fashion designer, Kaffy Kreate has over 15 years experience in the fashion industry.

The brand majors in the creation of casual and formal dresses in a fun and playful expression.
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Concentrate on Shopping!

Part 4 of our Designer and Exhibitor spotlight focuses on HOW TO SPEND IT!

Now we’re not saying what you should do with your money, but we do have a packed exhibition hall full of designers who are excelling and selling African-inspired accessories, jewelry, bags, and ready-to-wear designs.



Confirmed Exhibitor, Sanyan is a UK-based fashion brand that believes luxury doesn't have to cost a fortune. The brand creates high-quality clothing for women and men who know who they are and what they love to wear.

For Sanyan, African print fabric is a piece of art - simple and stylish designs create a frame to showcase the beautiful prints curated to be part of their collection. Their designs are made from 100% cotton sourced from West Africa.
"I loved what I saw online but I loved it, even more, when I saw it in person and even more when I wore it".


Think colour. Think creativity. Think originality! Inspired by a desire to offer high-quality attire, accessories and more, MassassiB, by Iyabo, takes you on a journey of enigmatic creations.

Combining knowledge and the love of Nigerian cultural heritage, intertwined with the carnival of colour that exists in African fabrics. MassassiB creates a fusion of clothing, individually hand-made by skilled, indigenous African tailors/dressmakers.

We are particularly in love with the brand's mudcloth and woven handbags (seen above).

This year, MassassiB is also on the catwalk - look out for them!

Notable Woman

Notable Woman creates ready-to-wear and contemporary apparel for women using typically Nigerian fabrics, such as ankara, batik, adire, lace and damask. These fabrics are ethically sourced and produced.

The brand is particularly careful to cultivate their client's confidence with its modern shapes and silhouettes. Fabrics that flatter and patterns that catch the eye, they ensure cut, fit and pattern matching are of the highest quality.


TemAD Collections specialises in creating pieces for the everyday woman that are comfortable, wearable and unique. The brand focuses on catering for all sizes and makes sure the designs are fluid, sophisticated and beautiful. Concentration on the textiles of Africa is paramount and print selection is vitally important to create a feminine, modern silhouette.

TemAD makes both custom-made and ready-to-wear outfits.

Bijelly Couture

Bijelly Couture was founded by Obiageli Chioma Maduwuba in 2000.
The brand creates timeless, exquisite pieces using print textiles with contemporary.
Their styles and fabrics are a fusion of both ethnic and contemporary designs and textures finished for the style-conscious woman.

Aṣọ Global

The Aṣọ lifestyle brand produces sweat-shop free quality contemporary African-inspired clothing, accessories, jewellery, and more for men and women.
Named after the Yoruba word for ‘cloth’ the Aṣọ brand aims to bring together the different threads of the African diaspora to create collections that represent our journeys- past, present, and future.
The Aṣọ brand launched at the 2014 edition of Africa Fashion Week London and we are so happy to see them grow from strength to strength

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