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Spin the globe and let it take you to the shores of the BebeGrafiti, a modern twist to traditional Niger-Delta couture. Designed by Es Anozia, from the Niger-Delta, Nigeria, these are pieces that can be worn by any discerning woman to any event and at any time. From day to evening, casual to professional the garments are rich in pattern and versatility.
Born in the September 2009, BebeGrafiti was conceived by a determined desire to put the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria on the map through fashion. In an attempt to demonstrate how one of the many positives of the Niger-Delta culture can be used to instigate people into expressing themselves through fashion and change the way people see the use of the popular ‘George’ cloth, BebeGrafiti designs clothing with an African/modern flair that people can wear without thinking too much about it. Inspired by rhythm, colour, geometry, people, patterns, layers, volume, crafts and eras, clothes made for both children and women can be worn to daytime events, cocktails, parties, and ballroom events.

BebeGrafiti suggests women should be fearless with their fashion choices instead of merely conforming to standard African attires. She believes today’s youth is looking for something more dynamic, yet retro. “Fashion is the safest form of rebellion” is her mantra.

About the Designer
Es Anozia started her adventure as the Head Designer at the label many years after her degree in Mathematics and Computing and post graduate studies in Education in the U.K.
On her return to Nigeria, her creative side was unleashed and was expressed through experimenting and combining the variety of materials and textures that is evident in the rich Niger-Delta fabrics. This was a big revelation as to the extent she could go.
Her designs focus on encouraging people to embrace African culture through fashion and view it as hip, trendy and fashionable for the 21st century.

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