Osun State
The Art of Adire for youths and women!
Your plug to hand-dyed Textile Prints.

The Adire Oodua Textile Hub is a resource and educational facility dedicated to the preservation of the traditional techniques of Adire textile manufacturing. The Hub raises awareness and understanding of the sustainability of Adire production through creative educational programmes for adults and children.
Participatory learning is the foundation of the Adire teaching model. Workshops, courses, events and special programs at the Hub allow for creative ingenuity and nurture innovation and leadership.

Through this engagement, professionals and novices create a positive societal and environmental impact.
The Adire Oodua Hub is the first phase of a wider project – the building of an Arts, Culture and Innovation Centre. This centre will unite the global creative arts community by operating as a repository for the indigenous arts and crafts found in Nigeria.

It will also serve as a design innovation centre; an ecosystem for development – teaching and learning guided by tradition and sustainability.

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