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Adire Oodua

The Adire Oodua Hub is a resource and educational facility dedicated to the preservation of the traditional techniques of Adire textile manufacturing. The Hub raises awareness and understanding of the sustainability of Adire production through creative educational programmes for adults and children.
Participatory learning is the foundation of the Adire teaching model. Workshops, courses, events, and special programs at the Hub allow for creative ingenuity and nurture innovation and leadership.

Mary Martin London

Introducing on of our Headline Designers: Mary Martin London is an internationally acclaimed fashion artist known for her bespoke designs, favoured by celebrities on red carpets worldwide. Her vibrant and boundary-breaking creations have sold out catwalk shows in various destinations, including London, Accra, Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, and Scotland.
Mary draws inspiration from Black culture and holds titles like Queen Mother in Ghana for her charitable efforts. She made history as the first woman of colour to showcase her work at London's Foreign and Commonwealth Office, challenging historical narratives with her "Return Collection." Despite a humble upbringing in Wales, she pursued her passion, gained a fashion education, and launched her label, winning numerous awards.
Mary's enduring passion for textiles, innovation and form is evident in her designs; sought after by the music and film industries and celebrities for red carpet events. She serves as an inspirational role model for emerging designers and continues to thrive in the fashion world.

David Wej

Established in Lagos, Nigeria in 2008 by Adedayo David Eweje , David Wej is an award-winning international premium lifestyle brand renowned for their distinctive traditionally inspired bespoke jacquard suits, classic shirts and accessories.
A Geography and regional planning graduate from the Lagos state University, Adedayo had an accomplished career within the telecom Industry having worked for telecom giants Econet and Globacom. However his childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer eventually led to the launch of David Wej.
David Wej has received extensive editorial coverage, been recognized as one of Nigeria’s leading lifestyle brands and been the go to brand for celebrities and high profile figures.
In March 2021 David Wej officially opened their seventh international location in London at 38 Great Portland Street, just off Oxford Street.

Abaake By Equip

Abaake by eQuip is an ethical and sustainable brand taking inspiration from Nigeria. Based in the UK, they draw inspiration from the traditional clothing, textiles, self-care, and identity of Yoruba culture and incorporate them into modern designs and products.
The brand appeals to customers who appreciate African culture and wants to immerse themselves in African-inspired clothing, accessories, skincare, and home decor items.


Amarelis is a clothing and lifestyle brand that not only encompasses the simplicity of its designer, Lara Cole, but also uses virtuoso fabrics, creating introspective collections consisting of cutting-edge designs and on-trend styles.
All designs are fluid, timeless and classic matching their slogan “Sustaining the effervescent spirit of Africa!”
Their collections embody a fusion of modern, multifunctional trends and African heritage. Timeless elegance appeals to a wide range of fashion-forward women looking for looks that compliment existing wardrobes.

Apparel By MO

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, ApparelByMo is a fusion of the Yoruba cultural heritage and Western contemporary design brand, specialises in women's fashion bespoke, ready-to-wear and fashion education.


ARIÁBA is a lifestyle brand located in Lagos, Nigeria.

The design house hand-produces a full product range which includes exquisite and unique clothing, jewellery, accessories and home and body fragrances.

They also offer custom and gifting services.

Bantu Gold

Bantu Gold is a Botswana-based fashion brand that beautifully blends cultural heritage with contemporary style. Committed to local craftsmanship, we create garments that authentically represent our nation's traditions and modern creativity. Our journey includes prestigious showcases at events like Mr. Price's esteemed incubation program—an honour granted by one of Africa's largest retailers.
Through this program, we are poised to further elevate our craft, contribute to the fashion industry's growth, and continue sharing Botswana's unique narrative with the world. Beyond clothing, we empower emerging designers, encourage cultural exchange, and celebrate Africa's diversity. Join us in a journey where culture meets couture and experience the vibrant spirit of Botswana in every creation.


Bittany is a fashion brand from Africa founded by Fikayomi Agbola, a visionary entrepreneur driven by her passion for fashion and her unwavering determination to turn adversity into opportunity. Bittany began as a response to disappointments with tailors, blossoming from a mere hobby into an exquisite celebration of African culture and heritage through beautifully crafted designs made for everyone! Our goal is to put a smile on people’s faces and make African fashion accessible worldwide. Bittany embraces family values which birthed the ARÁBÁMBI Collection: Read here:https://bittany.co.uk/collections/all

With the tagline "Be unapologetically unique," Bittany empowers individuals to embrace their personal style while upholding core values of integrity, creativity, and teamwork in every aspect of their operations. This brand is not just about fashion; it advocates slow fashion and sustainability through upcycling techniques and offering alteration and repair services, ensuring the longevity of garments.

But the impact of Bittany goes beyond fashion. Fikayomi's dedication extends to job creation for artisans in Africa and supporting the gig economy in the UK through the sustainable fashion sister business, KÁYÒMI. Driven by a passion for fashion, sustainability, and positive impact, Bittany seeks to make a difference in the world, one stitch at a time. As the African fashion week London approaches, Bittany stands as an exemplar of creativity, cultural richness, and a commitment to a better world.


Decor&Style is a clothing and accessories brand from Portugal. Trading since 2016 with the aim of showing two aspects: fashion and decoration, in a simplified way.

This brand is the creation of Paula Ceita a designer from Sao Tome and Principe. She made her debut in the world of fashion in the year 2000. Since then, she has spread her creations all over the world. She works with a fusion of African and European fabrics for both men and women and well as home furnishings.

Decor&Style already held several fashion shows in Portugal, Sao Tome and in the United Kingdom.

Elpis Megalio

Elpis Megalio is the epitome of bespoke and ready-to-wear fashion, curated for the modern woman seeking individuality and expression. Inspired by the fusion of art and wanderlust, our visionary creative director, Olufunke Afolabi, fearlessly explores the vibrant world of colors, pushing design boundaries with unparalleled craftsmanship.
At Elpis Megalio, we believe in empowering women to embrace their uniqueness and radiate confidence. Our curated pieces are crafted with a heartfelt vision to make every woman feel truly beautiful, adorned in outfits designed exclusively for her.
Join us at Fashion Week as we showcase our stunning collection – a celebration of art, travel, and the essence of being extraordinary. Stand out, embrace your essence, and unleash your inner beauty with Elpis Megalio.

Enadia Igbin Clothing

Enadia Igbin Clothing is an African inspired clothing brand, we thrive in using African inspired fabrics (e.g Ankara prints etc) to make everyday and special event wear for the African modern woman.
We cater to standard UK sizes and also a bespoke size option to celebrate modern curvy women. We are based in Lagos, Nigeria and our products are made in Nigeria with so much love.


Hertunba is a sustainable womenswear brand, hand crafting durable garments.
All their items are locally made and their target is to provide adult education/training for women in the community, empower artisans while growing the Hertunba brand.
At Hertunba a lot of hard work goes in to ensuring that they produce minimal waste, and the little waste that is produced from excess fabric is up-cycled into coats of many colours and other designs.

House of Solana

Sasha Solana Walton, designer and CEO of "House of Solana."
USA fashion designer from Milwaukee Wisconsin, the brand specializes in plus size clothing by creating a variety from ready to wear to high end wear.
The brand has even found time to start their own beauty line - Solana Beautè which, was featured in British Vogue.
The brand has showcased in London, Paris, Milan and has designed a dress for the Oscars.

Ire Clothings

Ire Clothings, located in Lagos Ikeja, is a unique fashion hub that blends modern styles with traditional Ankara and Adire fabrics, creating a vibrant Afrocentric aesthetic.


ÌK-PEN is a luxury women’s fashion brand based in Abuja, Nigeria. The brand was founded in 2006 by Ikpen Yvonne Akwitti with the desire for perfection and craftsmanship.
The brand is African inspired with contemporary designs. It’s known for its bespoke services and prêt-a-porter. Her prêt a porter line engages ethnic details and fascinating silhouettes, providing timeless pieces for its opulent clientele, ranging from traditional bridal attires, every day classics, resort and glamorous dresses.
“For the sophisticated woman with style”.

Jurio Luti

JURIO LUTI is a fashion brand that originated from Lagos Nigeria driven by an unending passion to connect aesthetic dots and lines together in order to bring to life fashion art pieces that tell value added stories.
The brand strongly believes in motivating the coming generation of fashion designers to hold on to their dreams and be the best they can be by contributing their intellectual properties to move the industry forward via sustainable practices.

Kini Gray

Kini Gray is an attainable fashion brand that creates comfortable and classic pieces for stylish and sophisticated women.


LISZTOMANIA, which means the mania of listening to music. I use music as a source of inspiration to create my collections.
Lisztomania is mainly young and feminine stylistic line with a tendency to create bold outfits but also conservative, exposure without excesses.
Lisztomania is also beginning to incorporate male collection to be more inclusive and provide bolt outfits for man.

Mumini Fashion Empire

Mumini Fashion Since 1961 is a brand and a household name in the Sierra Leone fashion industry. We’ve successfully built a brand using local textiles to give a facelift to the Fashion industry in Africa.
Our mission is to elevate artisans in economically marginalised communities to world renowned status in the global textile market.


Ngüo, a Swahili word for dress, ensures comfort and a unique aesthetic with each design. Each unique creation is made with intent to knowledge deep down, their customers want be a piece of art, to be able to dress stylishly in a non-conventional way.

ngüo challenges the norm that stylish and attractive should only be defined by figure hugging garments. ngüo strives for inclusivity and gender diversity and recognizes that fashion can be used as a medium for activism.

The brand started in ngüo in August 2019 and has been well received, with an overwhelming response in its country of origin, Botswana, and now internationally.

Tumie Mohoasa, the lead style curator, sources the best linen and concentrates on neckline, pocket, and sleeve details to create breath-taking ready-to-wear works of fabric art.

ngüo currently is a supplier to Africa Fashion International and stocks at House of Nala in Sandton, Johannesburg.

OJ Clothings

We are Creative, Artistic, Innovative, Original and Inventive.
We are based in Lekki Lagos state

Psalmy Exclusive

Psalmy Exclusive is an African label with distinctive design established to intrigue clients with fashion pieces.
The brand has world domination on its mind with an aim is to become a worldwide brand with impeccable styling and an exclusive clientele.
Based in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria while expanding to the United kingdom and worldwide.

Patrick Slim

Innovative & African-inspired Menswear designer, PatrickSlim, is reinventing an utterly modern approach to fashion in Lagos, Nigeria and the world.

Piillz N Poizn

Piillz and Poizn is a cutting-edge women's fashion brand that offers unique, high-style garments that are designed to make a bold statement. With its fearless approach to fashion, Piillz and Poizn has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most daring and innovative fashion labels on the market.
Founded in 2018 by Ifeoma Kate Umenyiora to share her passion for pushing the boundaries of fashion. Piillz and Poizn combines edgy, avant-garde designs with luxurious fabrics and impeccable attention to detail. At the heart of Piilz n Poizn's aesthetic is the idea that fashion should be fun, daring, and playful. The designers behind the brand are not afraid to experiment with bold colors, unusual textures, and unexpected silhouettes. This fearless approach to fashion has resulted in a collection of garments that are both eye-catching and unforgettable.
One of the hallmarks of Piillz and Poizn's design philosophy is a focus on shape and structure. Piilz n Poizn garments are carefully constructed to flatter the form, with intricate draping, strategic cutouts, and sculptural silhouettes that emphasize the natural curves of the body. This attention to detail gives Piillz and Poizn's clothing line a distinctive, high-end feel that is unmatched by other fashion brands.


Zimbabwean born designer Preline Martha is the designer behind the Prelim Label. A Prelim Design is always colourful driven with eye catching print. Her designs are inspired by the great South African Ndebele artist, Esther Mahlangu, including the cultures and traditions taught by her Zimbabwean grandmother, coupled with her experiences living in the inner city of London mixed in with the current afro beat scene.

RubyDawn International

Established in 2021, USA brand RubyDawn International, is an authentically AfroCentric & socially sustainable high fashion design brand and reflects the cultural background of its founder, Dawn Surgest.
By melding boldly hued African produced fabrics with the casual ease of classic American style, RubyDawn International creates uniquely AfroProud, couture quality designs for both business environments and special occasion events.


Simeogieme is a fashionably diverse luxury clothing brand priding itself in exclusivity, originality and quality. Our ethos is simplicity, sensuality and sophistication. The Creative Director, Osime Saibu, is a fashion enthusiast with a passion for designing clothing and accessories. She launched the clothing brand Simeogieme in 2010.

With each design, she aims to exemplify harmony that can be attained in the fusion of diversity, by mixing various patterns, vibrant colours, textures, themes and occasionally, a combination of different fabric types to create harmony in contemporary fashion. She draws inspiration from Africa’s love for vibrant colour and eclectic fashion. Her collections echo her ethos which is “Simplicity, Sensuality & Sophistication”.
Till date, she has worked on five main Collections:

Tulles and Wools

Tulles and Wools is an exquisite affordable luxury bespoke brand based in England, dedicated to crafting timeless, sustainable and unique pieces that epitomise elegance and sophistication. The brand specialises in Afrocentric designs, timeless fairytale dresses for mums and kids; crochet outfits, accessories and customised shirts.
Their passion for sustainable fashion drives them to create ethically-made garments, using eco-friendly materials and innovative production methods. With a focus on quality and individuality, they empower our customers to embrace their personal style while making a positive impact on the planet.

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