News and Press Release 2014Africa Fashion Week London enters an exciting partnership with Strictly Entertainment Music

December 15, 2014by 46244554

As 2014 draws to a conclusion and the festive season fast approaches, gifts are exchanged between parties as forms of affection and appreciation. And so it is with great pleasure that Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) and Strictly Entertainment Music (SEM) announce our new partnership scheduled to kick off from January 2015.

The vision is to fuse together two power-forces in African art (Fashion and Music), staging state of the art events around the globe that showcase African creativity through well thought-out product placement that complements and adds value to each artistic expression. 


“Africa Fashion Week London is an unwavering supporter of all African art forms and it is our very great pleasure to announce our partnership with Strictly Entertainment Music.  We are very excited for our collaborative plans over the coming months – fusing African-inspired fashion with African music and artists – to showcase the enormous talent Africa is offering to the world.  2015 is going to be amazing!”

Ronke Ademiluyi – Founder, Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL)


 Aside from showcase events, the partnership shall also focus on championing education and professional business practice around African fashion and music, staging mini workshops that play a key role in documenting our art, as well as arming the next generation with the necessary business acumen to survive in a global economy.


“Fashion and Music have shared a long and fruitful relationship.  Through the decades, genres of music have had their own fashions.  We don’t have to look far – Hip Hop has its street-wear; Rock wouldn’t be Rock without leather, Goths, Mods, Soul, Blues, Reggae – each genre has its own style that’s as immediately recognisable as it’s individual.  AFWL and SEM are part of a great vision that’s introducing a new alternative exploitation form – combining African-inspired fashion and music creatives at such a high level; this can only be huge for us, you and all the artists and designers we hope to inspire.  We can’t wait to kick off!”

 iKE Onuorah – CEO Strictly Entertainment Music (SEM)


For further announcements and more details on our first of many proposed collaborations, look out for this in the New Year by following our social platforms. Till then, AFWL and SEM wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


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