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Africa’s sense of colours, patterns and art design are praised throughout the art world as vanguard. Green Mamba Design has been tracing the trail for years and offers the latest in African fashion, a rich selection of fabric & textiles, and sensual decorations/accessories for your living space to add more inspirational creativity to life.


Green Mamba was founded by Haute Couture Designer Brigitte Meidinger. She has been active in the fashion sector for multiple years and her business, as well as her studio/show room, was built under her own creation. True to her own personal experiences – she grew up in Ghana and has been living in Switzerland for years – she combines elements from different worlds into something brand new, not only with regard to the fabric and textiles, but also in relation to her cuts and patterns. The clothing is unique and Green Mamba manufactures everything from exclusive cocktail dresses to children’s clothing, elegant shirts, fashionable womenswear and casual wear, with only high-quality textiles.
Green Mamba Design is unique in Switzerland and their goal is to inspire and add creativity to their customer’s personal lifestyle with openness and spirit. The brand’s message is: “leave the fashion routine behind, discover your colours and expand your horizon!”


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